A Sociotechnical Perspective on Innovation in Services


  • Josivânia Silva Farias Departamento de Administração/ Universidade de Brasília
  • Eduardo Raupp de Vargas COPPEAD/Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro




Services, Innovation, Innovation in services, Techno-Economic Network, Actor-Network Theory


The objective of this paper is to discuss the concepts of services, innovation and Techno-Economic Networks (TEN) and to come up with a sociotechnical framework to the analysis of innovation in the service sector. Two presuppositions serve as guidelines for this analysis: first, service may be seen as a socio-technical result and, therefore, suitable to be studied in an integrative innovation approach; second, the TEN has a socio-technical view of innovation phenomena, without a dualistic view of technological and non-technological innovations. Concepts of innovation are discussed and this is followed by a discussion of the characteristics of services and the TEN, in order to articulate this approach for research work in the service sector. The paper involves a proposal consisted in exploring and describing pertinent literature to the theme, as well as making proposals that may become component issues for a agenda in the innovation in services research field.